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The Dirty Mudder Fuggers (DMF) are a group of people from all walks of life that formed a team in 2012 to run a Tough Mudder. After DMF successfully completed the Tri-State New Jersey event, we never looked back. Since that first event, the team has run Tough Mudder Boston 2013, multiple 5k’s and other mud events. One teammate has even participated in the World’s Toughest Mudder. DMF is currently signed up for the 2014 Tri-State Tough Mudder. To pass time between events, the team trains and donates time to charity events. If you are in the Berkshire County area and pass a herd of runners with tires tied to their ass, give us a wave. DMF has mastered the art of team-building – frequenting restaurants for dinner and beer, family gatherings and holidays – all vital to becoming a tight knit team. Regardless of what DMF does, we have fun doing it. This website is a tribute to the fun we’ve had over the years. Within the pages you will find meaningful advice, pointless musings, and motivating photos. Whatever you do, “Don’t think just do!”

    4-4-14 workout

    On Sunday April 6 2014 I ran the Twin State 50 miler starting at windsor high school Vermont. This was a tough one!! It was a free race with people in race providing stuff for the aid stations which were at mile 25 and 27. 50 people started and i'm not sure how many finished but the markings were poor and me and my brother Austen gave up after being lost at around mile 43.6. At this point we had ran 6100+ feet of ascension and a total of about 1300ft of elevation change during this race. It was definitely humbling since i think 2500 of the ascension had been run in the first 3miles of the race. It was all on dirt roads through the mountains and the entire course could have been driven by car. Very interesting race! Today is rest and relaxation day with maybe a slow short 3 miler just to stretch the muscles and hopefully not tighten up more than I am currently.